Don’t be a victim of a scam this festive season. Secure your cards, transactions and money.

Here are some safety tips for the festive season

  1. Get banking alerts: Contact your bank and secure your card.
  2. Go paperless: Avoid withdrawing cash from ATM’s. Credit cards are safer to use at stores, as they require a pin to transact.
  3. Don’t ever give anyone your pin and card details via telephone or email. Your bank will never ask for your pin or OTP (One Time Password).
  4. Always check your balance and statement. Report dodgy transactions.
  5. Don’t use your debit card for purchases: With higher rewards benefits on a credit card, you get higher protection on a credit card with more insurances.
  6. Be aware of Instant payments: Your details end up via a third party to make the instant payment. Instead, plan early and let the regular banking channels work their magic by protecting you.
  7. Don’t have high transaction limits: Keep your daily withdrawal and transaction limits low. Change your limits online for a single transaction.

If scamsters copy the letterhead and client lists of a company, they run the risk of being scammed too. If a regular client sends a change of banking details letter to you, make a call to double-check it is the case.

About Xpertek SFI eVolve

Xpertek SFI eVolve Payment Switching Hub has a secure offering for companies and banks. They process transactions, including the safe and secure processing of salaries, dividends, service fees. You can also use the system for insurance premiums, government payment instructions, eft’s, debit orders as well as clearing and settlements.

Do you want to know more on how Xpertek can help your company keep your payment instructions secure? Get in touch with the team and we can meet up to secure your business payments and transactions.
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