A large bank in Zambia is processing 100,000 + VISA ATM and POS device transactions on a daily basis.

Once the customer’s balance has been verified and the transaction authorised, the settlement of the transaction takes place. They face a challenge when these settlement transactions are processed manually into their banking system, allowing room for error and time delays.

Because the files are generated manually, the bank account verification can not take place causing the banking system to de-stabilise.

Xpertek, using their SFI eVolve payments hub, have found a cost effective solution to the problem. They receive the VISA card transaction files, run validations on the account details, clean the files and integrate with the banking system. No errors, no time delays, online, automated and cost effective!

Benefits of the system, is that it manages your entire payments process from origination to destination. It results in new revenue streams; security of payments; higher volumes; better customer service and reduced cost. 

International Footprint

Developed in South Africa, SFI eVolve is a payment switching hub with a footprint in 21 countries worldwide. It processes over USD1.6bn a month through its switch. 

SFI is Secure

Security is a secure system and offers a straight through processing in real time or in batch. 

SFI is accessible

The SFI eVolve solution is web based, configurable software product.  It delivers transaction aggregation, processing and distribution functionality in a high speed. The real time environment from any point where an Internet connection is available. 

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