SFI eVolve
International payment switching hub

Trusted payment switching & processing

SFI eVolve is an internationally used payment switching hub with a trusted reputation amongst banking institutions worldwide and processes R22bn a month through its switch.


A secure, web based, middleware switch used for clearing and settlement, Internet banking and batch, and bulk processing


Prioritisation of RTGS transactions, clearing house integration and more...


Account or balance enquiries and inter-account transfers, payments to beneficiaries and more...


Processes salary files, dividend payments, loan repayments, credit card repayments in any format to any destination.

Key Personnel

Anneke Weber

Divisional Head

Firoz Basser

Senior Developer
“I wanted to let you know that our experience with Xpertek thus far has been great. Your team has been extremely efficient, and has been available constantly to sort out any teething issues that we experienced. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them, and I can’t praise your project manager highly enough in her efforts to make sure the implementation went smoothly. It is not often that you come across client service like this and we really appreciate it.”
Stuart McChesney
Director of the Halfway Group


A large bank in Zambia processes 100,000 + VISA ATM and POS device transactions on a daily basis. Once the customer’s balance has been verified and the transaction authorised, the settlement of the transaction needs to take place. They face a challenge where these settlement transactions are processed manually into their banking system allowing significant room for error and time delays.

Case Study

Xpertek found a simple and effective solution. The SFI eVolve payments hub was deployed into the bank’s visa settlement process. SFI eVolve receives the VISA card transaction files, runs validations on the account details, cleans the files and integrates with the banking system. No errors, no time delays, online, automated and cost effective!